The Black Rose

By Thrythlind Kodachi stared closely at the seeds that had been sent with the letter stating a solution to her problem of searching for Ranma Saotome.

She was far from fool enough to actually accept the invitation on its face. Expecting some ploy from her rivals. But obviously they had slipped up and allowed these seeds to work their way into the envelope. And it was through these seeds she would discover where they had made off with her Ranma-sama.

That had been several hours ago, and she was now very frustrated. She had been studying them for all that time, and was still no closer to determining what manner of plant they came from.

The only remaining recourse was to plant them and hope they were fertile. Of course, that would take a good deal of time and she was hardly the most patient of girls. Usually her gardening was an exception, but usually she also knew what she was dealing with.

"Oh bother," she grumbled sighing irritably she started to gracefully rise out of her seat.

"Captain!" a voice behind her yelled, surprising Kodachi in the middle of standing up.

The aristocratic loony flinched and lost her balance, toppling forward into the table holding those mystery seeds. Kodachi opened her mouth to cry out a curse at the gymnast that had put her into this position, but instead gagged as something almost caught on its way down her throat.

She swallowed and shook out her head, standing up and about to rail at the girl, when she suddenly felt the beginnings of an...odd sensation in her stomach.

"Oh heavens!" she gasped. "A seed, I've swallowed a...ack." Her hands reached up to grab her throat as her voice was choked off.

"Captain Kuno," the gymnast of unfortunate timing asked worriedly, a small crowd of Kodachi's minions appeared around her as she was overcome on the grounds of the St. Hebereke garden.

The sensation did not become painful, as Kodachi had feared. Indeed, as it flushed through her, starting inside and working out, she felt a flush of erotic pleasure tear through her brain.

Her skin and hair turned ever more green as her clothes were ripped away by thorns growing from her body.

The gathered gymnasts received a brief look at the mostly human casing of Kodachi's naked body before she shifted into a mass of vines interwoven and weaved about to form the gymnast's features admirably. Her feet caught the ground and held, setting down deep roots even as her woven vines arms roamed lightly over her new body, vine formed eye sockets widened, a mouth silently screamed out its passion and revealed a slender, thorned vine of a tongue.

And then it was over, Kodachi seemed frozen in her pose of immense sexual pleasure, a perverted landscaper's masterpiece. Her arms settled, one wrapped about her middle and the other slipping through her vine hair.

Cautiously a small group of her minions inched forward to examine the results.

"Captain Kuno," a girl said. "Are you all right?"

"Shake her, Michiko," another urged.

"You shake her!" the other said. "I'm not touching her!"

"Look at what happened to her hair," the third commented. "It's...oww!" Kodachi's face and body took on motion again as she smiled in a predatory fashion and began to writhe as if in someone were stroking a very, sensitive spot.

"What happened, Jun?" several girls shrieked, frightened.

"I pricked my hand on a thorn," the girl said, frantically, pulling her hand away from the bush. "Hey! Hey! It's not letting go of me...AHH!"

Several people looked as Jun's finger slowly turned green as it joined the vine of Kodachi's hair.

"Help her!" Michiko gasped, pushing forward in an effort to get to Jun.

"Michiko! You pushed Suki!" someone shouted.

"Mmph! Ack!" the afore mentioned Suki could say little as her mouth found the slit of Kodachi's new sex and her tongue found one of the vines about it.

Predictably, her tongue turned green as it merged with the vine below.

"Eeek!" Michiko shrieked as Kodachi's heightened responses from the new girl at her crotch brought her legs to brush against Michiko's and place a thorn there.

"No don't grab me!"

"Watch where you run!"

Meanwhile, Jun's arm had shrunk considerably as the rest of her body was pulled in, turning an exotic shade of glossy black. Her face no longer seemed frightened, but swayed gently back and forth as Kodachi moved and she shrank. Her breasts and head formed exquisite petals as she bent backward, back arched luxuriantly.

Her legs curled inward, putting her sex forward, as her clothes fell away from her much shrunken body and her free arm curled over her abdomen as it shrunk into the insides of a flower and her legs and second arm became the last curling petals. Only a slip of space was visible leading to the inside, and it happened to form the perfect image of a tiny sex for the tiny flower girl.

This transformation was being repeated several more times around as more frantic gymnasts sought to help their friends and were pulled inward.

Suki, her tongue formed into a stem, grew beautifully out from Kodachi, her firm ass forming the main image of her blossom. Michiko became an exquisite little blossom upon Kodachi's leg as the screams of fear all faded before the screams of pleasure.

And soon, all that was left was an exquisite plant, swaying lightly in the wind, apparently carved as a girl with a combination of predatorial glee and sexual excitement cast over her face. All about the plant blossoms grew, saying lightly in the wind, apparent faces wild with ecstasy.

And surrounding the deadly plant, a shower of school uniforms, gymnasts' leotards and shreds of cloth.

It remained alone for a good hour before something slithered out of the St. Hebereke garden. The two headed snake woman turned back to look at the nervous looking girls that came with her.

"Now hurry up and pot her," she said. "And if you get pricked, well, the Sorceress might turn you back later....maybe."


Kodachi sighed silently and writhed pleasantly, an action mirrored by dozens of feminine blossoms, as her new mistress stroked several of the delicate new blossoms. The gymnast had been replanted in the Sorceress's garden in a good spot for water and sun.

"Hmm," the sorceress said smiling as Kodachi gazed on her adoringly. "A successful experiment."

She glanced over the collection of hapless gymnasts about Kodachi and then found one to her liking.

"I think I'll borrow this one," she told Kodachi, producing a set of shears. "If you don't mind."

The quick snip brought a brief flash of pain over Kodachi's face, but even that seemed only to excite her, and quickly, a thorn regrew to replace the lost flower.

The Sorceress walked away, idly tossing out the snipped flower and watching as it landed...again a human girl.

"Oh!" the girl gasped in surprise. "Thank you for rescuing me! You can't...ooohhh, what..."

"Excuse me," the Sorceress said. "I changed my last horse into a wooden one, so I need a replacement. You don't mind."

"But I thou..ahhhh..." the girl moaned appreciatively as her flesh was warped for the second time. The Kodachi plant watched with rapt attention as her former minion was turned into a pony girl and the Sorceress stepped on for a ride.

"And don't drop me," the Sorceress said. "Or I'll give you back to Rose."

"Please do," Kodachi thought pleasantly, all thought of seeking Ranma gone. She was going to positively love it in this place.

"Hmm," Hydra chuckled darkly to herself. "I should introduce Bat to this new girl."

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