A Public Service Announcement

By Lurking Tentacle

"Hello, I'm Robin. Today I'm here to tell you about FTP," The freckled brunette addressed the room full of Satyrs. She was wearing only an open lab coat.

"File transfer protocol?" A Satyr with glasses in the front row asked, interrupting.

"No, not file transfer protocol," Robin said dryly, annoyed at the obvious mistake. "Frotterotransformationalpartialism or FTP, as my assistant Cindy is helping me demonstrate..." She gestured between her legs. Just above her exposed sex, a pair of blue-green eyes blinked in distress. "...is the act of transforming a victim into a sexual characteristic."

"Frotterotranswhatwhat?" One Satyr whispered to another.

The other shrugged back at her.

Confused mumblings murmured throughout the room. With the exception of the canny looking Satyr in the front, who was scribbling notes on a pad, they all seemed to be lost.

Pinching the bridge of her nose, Robin sighed. "In laymen's terms," She began, but the looks she was receiving made her reevaluate her words. "In simplest terms," She tried to think of something they could understand. "Cindy is now my... knot hole," She decided.

"You mean your vulva?" Asked a Satyr.

Ooo's and Ah's of recognition echoed through the trip of Satyrs.

Robin rolled her eyes in exasperation. She produced a "massager" and switched it on.

Cindy stared at it with a worried expression.

"Now, as my er knot hole, Cindy feels everything I do, albeit much more directly," Robin said, sliding the vibrator across her lips slowly.

Cindy's eyes rolled back in pleasure at the contact.

"Ooh can we try too?" A Satyr asked excitedly. The entire group voiced their agreement.

"Later!" Robin snapped, a little out of breath from her demonstration. She wasn't sure if the Satyrs were referring to trying out Cindy, or transforming their friends.

"Now, then," She said, pointing the vibrator at the board behind her, "The word is easily broken up into its three main roots. The first one," She pointed, Cindy looking as well, "Frottero, from the word frot, meaning to rub. More specifically, to rub for erotic gratification."

The Satyr in front nodded emphatically, writing something down.

"The second part should be obvious," Robin said, Cindy's eyes continuing to follow the explanation. "Transformational, meaning a change is enacted."

Even Satyrs, at least the ones that weren't starting to nod off, could understand that.

"Now the last part is important," Robin said. "Partialism, which is the condition of being a singular part of a whole. When you put them all together, the final definition would be 'to be transformed into a part which is rubbed for sexual gratification'. This also means it is not limited simply to your sex, but any erogenous zone."

The remaining Satyrs stared up at her air-headedly.

Covering her face with a hand, Robin asked blandly, "Any questions?"

"Can we try NOW?" A Satyr pleaded.

"Oh fine, line up over there," Robin waving her arm dismissedly.


Slowly but surely, the number of Satyrs shrank until the line was finally empty.

"Now when you're done, I'll undo..." Robin trailed off.

Except for a few in the back making sweet sweet love, rather loudly at that, the room was nearly deserted.

"Dangit!" She exclaimed. "Why do I even bother?"

Cindy looked up at her.

"Yea I know. It was a rhetorical question!" Robin sneered, apparently to herself.

"Um, hey," A Satyr said, tugging on Robin's coat. "Could we switch? I wanted to be hers," She pointed down, her friend blinking up at Robin.

A few moments later, a completely different Satyr skipped out of the room happily, her new sex looking just as jovial as she was.

The Satyr with glasses sighed, this would be quite a mess for Beazel to clean up. Mira scribbled a few last things on her notepad, glancing down between her legs a few times. The former Satyr there was obviously itching for Mira to go find something "fun" to do.

Robin sighed, getting tired of the lack of recognition.

"Excuse me," Mira said, slipping up next to her. "I thought your presentation was excellent. You're very well informed."

"Well, I, thanks," Robin said, not expecting the praise.

"You've got nice breasts too," The Satyr smiled. "Doing anything tonight?" Mira said, her hand sneaking between Robin's legs to cup Cindy.

"Well I uh, was thinking of finishing some equations," Robin said, gathering an air of superiority.

"Ooh that sounds fun! And sexy!" Mira breathed, looking deeply into the scholar's eyes.

"I guess I could use a... hand with things," Robin smirked.

Cindy looked uneasily across at the former Satyr between Mira's legs.

She seemed to be almost literally dripping in anticipation, giving Cindy a hungry look.

Somehow, Cindy knew she'd be getting to know her very intimately tonight, whether she wanted to or not.


"I'd never have guessed you'd sponsor something like this boss," Bat said, from her Mistress' shoulder.

"Ah but don't you see? This particular Satyr population has effectively been reduced by half," The Sorceress said, smiling wickedly.

"Wow boss, you're just so smart!" Bat shmoozed.

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