A Cure?

By Thrythlind

The Sorceress regarded the individual before herwith an amused sort of disbelief. She blinked for a moment as she steepled her hands and leaned forward.

"Let me see if I can understand you correctly," she said. "You have a curse that you want to get rid of, so you came to...me."

"Well, yeah," Ranma said. "I heard about this Sorceress that could change people and stuff and I thought that maybe you could help me get rid of it."

"So, you've heard about me," the Sorceress said, part of her was boggling about this. That somebody would actually come looking for her knowing about what she did.

"Well, a little bit," Ranma said. "Some girl was saying you changed her life or something."

This was just too easy. It was amazing. Well, maybe this boy wanted to be a girl or something.

"I can do it," the Sorceress said smugly.

"You can?" Ranma asked, hopefully.

"Oh yeah," the Sorceress said. "Easy. You see, you're not really changing form. You're switching bodies."

"I know that!" Ranma said. "I want to stop changing!"

"Apparently this will require simpler terms," the Sorceress said.

"I ain't stupid!" Ranma protested.

"No, just uneducated," the Sorceress said. And pleasantly foolish she added to her own thoughts.

"You have two bodies," the sorceress said. "The second body sits in a pocket dimension in stasis until the gate is opened by the trigger again."

"Yeah, right," Ranma said. "I couldn't live, ya need a chi to keep a body alive. And ya need a spirit for chi."

"Very good," the Sorceress said. "There's a nascent spirit to keep the currently unused body alive." Noting the blank look she sighed. "An unborn soul."

"Ah got it," Ranma said. "So what happens to her then?"

"Don't worry," the Sorceress promised, smiling darkly. "I'll take care of her." And you.

"All right," Ranma shouted. "Let's get started then!"

"Let's," the Sorceress said, smiling and stretching out her fingers.

"Now, this might sting."


As the Sorceress reached out with her magic to forcibly tear open the gate within her latest victim she smirked at the sudden and twinned outcry of shock and pain.

And then, the two bodies lay there before her, senseless and unconscious. She towered over them, smiling as she leaned down to do a little playful wandering in their heads.

She was surprised to find the red-head actually had something of a basic personality already. A rather girlish one at that. Fortunate, actually, it wasn't really all that fun to play games with a mindless soul, after all.

When she turned to Ranma she found another surprise as she scanned his mind for his background. An abusive teacher, his father even, perverts, and an experience with living as a gender other than the one he was born as. It seemed all terribly familiar to the Sorceress and struck a cord of sympathy with her.

Perhaps she'd be a little lenient with this pair.

Just a little.


The next thing Ranma knew he was coming to, feeling a little dizzy from...something. He stood up unsteadily, feeling a breeze as he looked down to notice his clothes in shreds about him. And then he saw something else, a very familiar body lying on the ground to the side.

"Hey," Ranma said. "That's my girl side."

"No, that was your girl side," the Sorceress said. "Now it is a completely independent person. Not as unformed as I thought though, she's been out and about."

"Err, like the time I thought I was a girl," Ranma said.

"Ahh, that would be it," the Sorceress said. "Something must have screwed up the transfer."

"Like a mallet," Ranma muttered under his breath.

"And now," the Sorceress said, her normal smile growing wider. "We come to the matter of payment."

"Payment!" Ranma said, shocked.

"You don't think I do this kind of thing for free do you?" the Sorceress asked slyly.

"You didn't say anything about this," Ranma protested.

"You should have asked," the Sorceress said simply. "Now, what could I..."

"I ain't got no money," Ranma said. "Maybe I could just do somethin for you? I could be a bodyguard or something like that for a while."

"You know, I had something similar in mind," the Sorceress said snapping her fingers.

And as she spoke Ranma felt as if his skin and bones were crawling.

"What the heck are you doing to me?!" Ranma demanded, noticing with panic that "his" voice was growing noticeably higher as changes he hoped never to see again came in a whole new way.

In addition, there was a powerful sensation that threatened to overwhelm his thoughts. It was a...wave of pleasure that, given his history with that feeling, he was not even close to being able to deal with. By the time the change was complete SHE was down on her knees gasping in shock at what had passed over her.

What was sitting there now was no short, busty red-head such as Ranma was used to becoming. No, this was the young woman Ranma would have been had he been born that gender. Black hair, sleek, well-developed muscles and and athletic figure that promised to be greatly flexible.

"I didn't want to be a girl," Ranma gasped in protest, trying to recover her center.

The Sorceress leaned down next to the girl and lightly slipped a hand over her breast. It wasn't as full and voluptuous as the red-head's, but the Sorceress sometimes liked a little variety, and breasts that fit comfortably into her hand had benefits of their own. Especially if she focused the sensitivity of fuller breasts to the smaller area.

Predictably, the slight touch sent another wave of pleasure through the girl's body.

The Sorceress leaned closer as her hand massaged the girl's new breast.

Ranma visibly tried to protest but all that came out of her mouth was a grunted, but passionate utterance.

"I've seen your mind," the Sorceress whispered. "Has anyone you met ever made you feel like this?"

Her other hand slipped down between Ranma's legs to the sex that lay there. The flimsy shell of resistance Ranma had erected broke again as the Sorceress's skilled hands manipulated her virgin petals.

She leaned forward and stole the halting breath from Ranma's lips with a sensitive kiss.

"Have they?" the Sorceress asked again. "Be honest now."

"No," Ranma said reluctantly, squirming under the Sorceress's continued ministrations. "Please..."

"You've been taught only pain," the Sorceress said. "And if I tried that, I'd never break you in a million years. But pleasure. That is something that doesn't even begin to enter your best dreams. Even simple childhood pleasures are lacking."

Ranma leaned back away from the Sorceress and her hands set against the ground behind her, ironically this only settiled her into an easier position for the Sorceress to continue the seduction.

The Sorceress followed the black-haired martial artist back, her clothes magically vanishing as she pressed down on the younger girl. The Sorceress was pleased at the play of skin and muscle in the girl, who still bore the benefit of years of martial arts training. She was still tight enough to crush coal into diamonds, but she was relaxing swiftly.

"I feel a sort of kinship with you, girl," the Sorceress said. "So I'm giving you a discount on your new life."

"Iiii...mmm not..."

"A girl?" The Sorceress asked. "I beg to differ. Allow me to Demonstrate."

The Sorceress bent down smiling as she took one of Ranma's nipples into her mouth and sucked hard. A screech tore out of Ranma's mouth and her hands dug into the Earth. And then the woman she had come to for help began to kiss her way down to Ranma's nether lips.

A cacophony of sensations crashed through Ranma's body as the Sorceress's skillful tongue worked at her vagina and her dextrous fingers explored Ranma's tight rear end. Her breath came in ever shortening gasps punctuated by sharp cries and swallowed screams.

Then the Sorceress rose up and the strength left Ranma's arms at the shock from the ended sensations. She fell back to the ground, catching her breath as the Sorceress crawled up her body again to look her in the face.

"In fact," the Sorceress said. "I seem to remember a time from your life when you were giving someone else pointers on how to flirt. And then there was a certain outfit..."

"Outfit?" Ranma asked weakly, not even close to being able to think of what she was supposed to do.

The Sorceress's hands travelled up Ranma's body again, and, where it passed that same wonderful feeling of her body shifting and changing.

"Wha...what are you doing?" Ranma asked as she began to loll back into the sway of the pleasure.

"I'm giving you a new life, Ranma," she whispered as she twisted Ranma's spine and pulled it out into a long, graceful fan of a tail. Her other hand pulled individually on each ear until they stood long and tall.

Then she pulled back for a moment and regard the beautiful horse's tail and ears she'd granted the Wild Mare.

Ranma let out a little muffled squeal of release as the transformation ceased.

"What do you say, Ranma," the Sorceress asked, brushing a lock of hair that had strayed in front of Ranma's sweat plastered face.

Ranma's eyes blinked open as she found the Sorceress's face above her and then she shivered quietly, still finding herself encircled in the Sorceress's arms, just not directly touching yet.

"What are you?" she asked. "Man or girl?"

As Ranma pulled herself up to bury herself into the Sorceress's bossom, the wizard smirked to herself.


Ranko awoke to the sensation of someone lightly massaging her as she lay on a soft bed. She twisted her head slightly and looked to see what appeared to be a rabbit girl sleeping only a little to her side. She blinked out of confusion.

The last thing she remembered...

"Was that dark-haired girl attacking you," a woman's voice said from above her.

She tried to look around, but didn't get far as the person atop her gently turned her back so that she was again facing down. It was then that she realized that she was naked, and someone was atop her...and in a...odd position. She flushed brightly and started to move.

"Oh no," the woman above her said, pressing down firmer. Ranko could tell, as pressure shifted and flesh pulled across flesh, that the woman was equally unclothed and sitting atop her. "You need a little working over."

"I...I shouldn't..." she stuttered uncertainly.

The Sorceress smiled again. This was even easier than Ranma, as this girl had almost no experiences.

"Shouldn't what?" she asked. A hand stroked her large chest and sent a fire through her body. "Shouldn't feel good?"

"I'm a girl," Ranko protested.

This proved to be an unwise thing to say as a slim hand working down to her nether regions proved the point nicely.

"Oh yes, you are," the Sorceress agreed saucily.

"But we...ohh..." she gasped.

"We are getting along wonderfully," the Sorceress said. "Do you really want me to stop?"

"Y..yes," Ranko said, stuttering.

"Oh really," the Sorceress said. "You want me to stop stroking your labia or kissing the back of your neck."

As she spoke, her motions grew ever slower and more delicate, just lightly breezing over Ranko's body. Paradoxically, the slow withdrawal did nothing but heighten Ranko's arousal.

"Should I stop?" the Sorceress repeated.

"Ngggn, no!" Ranko gasped allowed. "No...don't...stop..."

The Sorceress smiled, only a little disappointed by the quick victory. She backed off suddenly to a clear sound of disappointment from Ranko, but that was quickly silenced as Ranko was rolled about to face the Sorceress.

"Good," she said. "Now let's make this a little more interesting, Red."

"In...interesting?" Ranko asked nervously.

It was too late to ask for any verbal clarification as the Sorceress proceeded to demonstrate.

Skin warped and twisted under the blonde woman's delicate hands, and every inch just felt like heaven to the girl under her.

Ranko was barely even cognizant of the changes to her ear and the new limb she had acquired. She bucked slightly as the long, fluffy tale grew in, letting it out from under her. And then finally, with a last ecstatic cry, the transformation completed, and the girl sat there, panting out of breath.

"What do you think?" the Sorceress asked, directing Ranko to look into a mirror nearby.

Ranko looked over herself with a sense of wonder, but completely lacking the sense of horror that would accompany a spirit longer accustomed to a certain body. She was still distracted by the novelty of it when the Sorceress pulled her in close to renew the love-making with the voluptuous girl.

It was in the afterglow of that that the Sorceress called Ranko's attention to the horse girl again.

"Do you know who that is?" the Sorceress asked.

"No...I..." she gasped then. "That's me...I mean, Ranma?!"

"Exactly," the Sorceress said. "Such a strong young woman. A warrior outside, but in bed...she needs a strong, firm, understanding hand. Do you want to have a try?"

The fox regarded the taller horse, still slumbering despite the sound of lovemaking that had just rocked the room, and licked her lips. She flushed demurely a moment later, but it was too late to hide it.

"See to her, take care of her," the Sorceress said firmly as the fox shifted over to examine the sleeping horse-girl. "That's your price for your new life."

The Sorceress pulled back as Ranma awoke to his other half's attentions. She was met outside the room by her assistant/familiar, Bat.

"I don't get it, Boss," Bat said. "The public service thing was to reduce the Satyr population, but this?"

"Didn't you hear her?" the Sorceress asked. "She came because she misunderstood someone's warning about me. But imagine if there was someone out there that was really convinced I gave them a better life and sent people to me, hmm?"

"Uh, sure, Boss," Bat said. The Sorceress frowned at the unenthusiastic response. "Really Boss, really, it's smart and good planning. So how long are you going to keep them here."

"Long enough to get some playing in," the Sorceress said. "And to cement their relationship and feelings about me, and short enough to keep them from noticing any of the nastier things. And then we turn Ranma and Ranko out on some world or another, a world with the tech or magic necessary for two women to produce a blood-child, Ranko wants children, and this lure needs to be complete. A world far away from Ranma's old friends. As for those old acquaintances."

"Yes?" Bat said.

"Put these in the mail," she said, displaying a sheath of envelopes. "Detailing how to follow Ranma here."

And the smile on that face was truly evil.

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