Rare Specimens Indeed

By The Lurking Tentacle

She used to really like plants. In fact, she'd dedicated her entire life to studying their thousands of varieties. From every tree down to the smallest flower she had thought they were all fascinating. But lately, certain events had transpired to change her outlook. It wasn't that she didn't like them anymore. It was just that, well, she might have loved the plant kingdom, but she never intended on joining it. After finding such a rare specimen in this strange place, she'd been overjoyed. However shortly after collecting it, she'd been forced to take its place. Such an impromptu membership into the world of flora had jaded her excitement just a bit. She sighed into the cool morning air, a breeze caressing her soft skin. Like it or not, she was a mushroom now. It was hard to tell how long she'd been there. Days and nights just seemed to sneak up on her, but she was sure it couldn't have been that long.

She sat there, a little bored, but mostly content in the quiet garden. Her armless body was speckled with reddish spots over her pale skin. A wide bell sprouted from her head, a few drops of due hanging from the edge. She sighed again, taking in her surroundings as she did every morning. Still, she couldn't see much, being a little mushroom.

Not too far away there was a well-worn path. A couple times she'd seen the two-headed snake woman slither past. Once she'd had a girl coiled in her tail. She thought the girl had had horns and hooves, but it must have just been her imagination. The girl had been shamelessly making passes at the snake woman despite the fact she seemed to be a prisoner.

In the distance, slowly lifting fog suggested that there might be a large body of water. A few times she'd heard voices and splashing from that direction, but she'd never seen anyone. She glanced around, identifying the species surrounding her new home out of old habit. There was a Satyrium odorum growing nearby. Normally she would have been amazed at the presence of the rare orchid, but she simply noted it with a bit of curiosity.

There was one other thing that happened occasionally. On the outside, she dreaded it, but she really kind of liked the visits from the obnoxious creature. Sometimes she was annoying, and sometimes she... the mushroom broke off that line of thought, blushing a bit. Suddenly, she winced as a heavy weight landed on her head. Large membranous wings hung down from either side of her cap. "Well speak of the devil," She thought sourly.

"You know you have such nice skin," Bat chuckled, her breasts pressing against the soft red flesh as she hooked her head over the end. She did her best to cover as much of the silky skin as she could with her warm body.

It had the desired effect. The mushroom girl fluttered her eyes at the feeling, blushing furiously as she recovered.

Bat chuckled at the reaction. "You know what I like most about you? You always listen," Bat said, cocking her head and making little circles on Shroom's back with her foot.

She put up a business-like face, trying to spoil the batgirl's fun.

"Oh don't be like that!" Bat scoffed. "I even got a surprise for you today," She said.

A giant leather wallet landed on the ground in front of the fungus. "My wallet!" The girl thought urgently.

"Ah so it is yours," Bat grinned, the look on the mushroom's face betraying her thoughts. She flipped down and slid back up against the girl's body, nestling her head between her supple breasts. "Mmm nice," She commented, opening the wallet with her feet. "Lets see who you aren't any more."

"I'm still me... aren't I?" She questioned herself, biting her lip worriedly.

Chuckling at the mushroom's discomfort, Bat slid the ID out. "Geez, that's one law that always holds true," She said, examining the red head in the picture. Her hair was disheveled and she had a surprised look on her face.

"There really is no such thing as a good driver's license photo," Shroom thought, blushing embarrassedly.

"Ouch, Wyoming Annette Jones. You sure got the short end of the naming stick babe," Bat ridiculed. "Wyoming doesn't sound too bad, but I think Shroom fits you way better," She said, nuzzling a boob with her cheek. "Oh well, won't be needing that anymore," She tossed away the ID and continued to look. "Eh a good bit of currency," She leafed through, counting it quickly. "Oooo platinum!" Bat cried excitedly, holding up the credit card in her foot.

"Oh no!" Shroom moaned inwardly.

"Don't worry, you're a mushroom! No one will care if you have bad credit," Bat cackled. "Hydra is going to be so dead when I order that-er well we'll just keep that for later," She said, stifling her evil plans and tucking the card away.

Shroom reddened immensely as Bat procured a roll of condoms.

"Aren't we the responsible one?" She taunted, ditching them as well.

She darkened even more as she realized she'd never even used them. Her work had always seemed to come first and she'd just never gotten to know anyone. Bat had ended up being her first time. Strangely, every time she'd come around since then, she'd acted as if she wanted to repeat the affair, but was holding back for some reason.

"A Ph. D in botany huh?" Bat said, breaking the mushroom from her thoughts. "That's like, plants and stuff right?" She said, looking up at her.

Shroom nodded hesitantly.

"Heh no wonder you get turned on so easy," Bat chuckled evilly. "You're getting off on being a mushroom," She accused, teasing a hard nipple with her tongue.

"No! I'm not... am I?" She thought desperately to herself, panting from Bat's tender touches. She shook her head in denial.

"Oh give it up," Bat commanded, quickly slipping around and moving up against the rooted botanist. She wrapped her wings around her, pressing their bodies together. Bat's own bosom met Shroom's yielding, silky breasts. Holding her closely, cheek to cheek, Bat breathed into her ear, "You're a mushroom, and you love it."

Shroom whimpered at Bat's powerful words. Her breath was trembling as her whole body warmed up from the feel of the girl against her. She gasped as Bat's warm sex cuddled up against her own. Her breath came harder and harder, until finally, with half lidded eyes, she pressed her lips to Bat's cheek.

With a wicked grin, Bat returned the gesture in kind. Soon they were making out quite passionately. Soon Bat slid downwards, burying her face in the delicate cleavage. She sighed in delight at the feel of the softest, most silken breasts she'd ever had the pleasure of knowing. She absolutely loved the texture of the mushroom's skin!

The red headed shroom moaned silently as Bat nibbled her nipples mercilessly.

But the was something more precious that the familiar was after. As Bat dropped down ever farther she came across the dainty red bush. With a seductive smile she planted a kiss on the sensitive lips, eliciting another gasp from the mushroom. She looked up to find a pleading look, begging her to continue. "Another successful conquest," Bat thought to herself haughtily. With another kiss, Bat slipped her able tongue between the sweet lips of Shroom's sex, and disappeared with a poof.

Shroom looked down as the contact vanished, startled. All of the sudden she noticed something next to her than hadn't been there a moment ago. Looking to her side, she stared speechlessly at the new female figure stuck there. Now sharing the patch of shade near this particular tree was Bat, having lost her wings and gaining some fetching spots of her own, her new cap covering her eyes. She was just slightly smaller than Shroom herself.

"Damn," Bat sighed, realizing what had happened, "I've been shroomed. I guess the boss wasn't bluffing," She thought, remembering her Mistress' warning.

"Do not go messing around with that silly mushroom of yours without asking. It simply won't do for her... unique qualities to be effecting me unannounced," The Sorceress had told her very clearly.

Bat pouted, her fun brought to halt. She felt the unusual sensation of something warm on her cap and she had to admit, the contact felt rather nice. Bat smirked as Shroom cuddled up against her, resting her cheek on the smaller mushshroom's bell. "Well," Bat decided, "Maybe it's not ALL that bad."

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